Youth Groups

BEAVERS (Age 5-7)

Fun and friendship is the cornerstone of the Beaver Scouts program. This section is for children aged 5-7 years old.Beaver Scouts opens the door for your child to discover the world. It is filled with a little bit of everything – outdoor activities, games, music and sports. Along the way, Beaver Scouts meet new friends, learn cooperation and teamwork and develop self-confidence.Beaver Scouts are welcomed into a group of energetic boys and girls just like them. They will meet with kind and caring leaders Daniel Graham “Bubbles” and Kim Kroever that will help them with anything they need to know about being a good Scout. They will feel respected and appreciated for their own uniqueness, and encouraged to bring all they can to their group and activities.  sam sullivan
 Beaver and Cub Scouts meet with former City of Vancouver Mayor,
Sam Sullivan.

CUBS (Age 8-10)

For 8-10 year old children, this is the place for you! Challenging hikes, weekend camps, and an introduction to water activities like canoeing or kayaking are just a few of the fun outdoor adventures that Cub Scouts enjoy.With the Cub motto of “Do Your Best” front and centre, Cub Scouts are encouraged to try new and more challenging activities.Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, based Cub Scouting on one of the stories in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. The leaders and Cub names come from this story.Art Graham, also known by his Wolf Pack name of ‘Akela’, has been a leader of the 40th Marpole Cub Pack for over two years. Most importantly Cubs is about making friends and having a lot of fun! kayaking
Our Cubs learning how to Kayak at
Deep Cove, North Vancouver BC.

SCOUTS (Age 11-14)

Our age 11-14 group is Scouts, and it is all about having fun while gaining value leadership skills and self-confidence.Scouts enjoy outdoor adventures like mountain biking, rock climbing and lots of camping while working together with other young people to accomplish thrilling challenges.Our group also runs a yearly winter camp – a high-point of the year for our members! At Blackwater Lake near Pemberton, the group learns important survival skills, ice-fishing, navigation and snow caving.Scouting gives every member a chance to be a leader. It might involve running an activity, organizing a camp, or participating with other young people across your province or Canada in a youth forum.

Our Scout leaders Bob, Zoltan and Art, have introduced some great new activities and events to the group this year, including an international cultural exchange with a Scout group in Birmingham, England.

PJ 2011 cubs
Cubs and Scouts learning one of the most
important scouting skills – how to pitch their tents at camp!

VENTURERS (Age 15-18)

The Venturer Scout program offers exciting, real life, hands-on experiences for youth. our programs are designed to help 14-17 year olds nurture an active, healthy lifestyle, acquire the knowledge and skills for career development and participate in thrilling outdoor adventures.At 40th Marpole, our Venturers are expected to develop their own program, challenging themselves and their team to achieve their goals.

Under the supervision of Venturer leader Daniel & Art Graham, this intrepid group helps in many aspects of 40th Marpole group programming, including running meetings for other sections. They have also had many hands-on professional development activities, such as visiting a working kitchen and meeting a Master Chef.

Youth can look forward to many events and activities as a Venturer; weekend events, extended hikes, no-trace camping and more round out this incredible experience.


40th Marpole Venturer Expedition to Tabletop
Mountain near Lytton via the Stein Valley – 100km in 9 days!